Mobile health, or simply “mHealth” is leading the evolution of healthcare technology. Through mobile devices, we now have several new tools and platforms for health research, healthcare delivery, and public health. At CTIS, we recognize the value of real-time, continuous biological and behavioral data. We have designed mHealth solutions that integrate with data sources and connected health platforms, such as Microsoft HealthVault.

Our mHealth solutions include the following:

  • mPHR2– Mobile personal health record designed for personal chronic care management; provides a simple, intuitive and secure solution to record, track, and share personal health information;
  • mEMR– Provides a digital dashboard enabling efficient clinical workflows and informed care decisions;
  • MWarrior– Designed for active military and veterans, this is a survey-based solution meant to improve early detection, screening, and treatment for PTSD;
  • Safety Profiler– Clinical point-of-care solution built to capture and report adverse events in clinical trials or healthcare settings;
  • I2F– Clinical point-of-care patient record that integrates clinical information systems within a clinical enterprise; supports interoperable standards-based data mapping and exchange
  • VHP Patient Connect– Mobile health solution complemented by desktop web application, designed for secure, on-demand and remote communication for diagnosis and consultations between patients, providers, and family members; allows the patient to connect with his or her provider team in between visits.

We are proud to lead innovation in the mHealth arena. In the future, technology will facilitate integration of the behavioral, social sciences and clinical research fields. Our goal is to address these independent scientific silos in order to enhance the quality of mHealth.


  • Development in native iOS and Android platforms
  • Cross-platform development using HTML5
  • Data capture and visualization analytics
  • Device integration
  • Quality assurance
  • Usage of information standards for the secure transmission of data to external systems (for transfer of patient information)
  • E-commerce for ordering prescriptions online
  • Telemedicine capability (between patients and physicians) via video conferencing, voice conferencing, and chats
  • Video streaming

imHealthe™ mobile solutions


Designed with chronic disease patients in mind. A simple and intuitive way to track, share, and manage your health information.


Designed with our active military and veterans in mind. A survey-based solution designed to improve early detection, screening, and treatment for PTSD.


Designed with physicians and health professionals in mind. A digital dashboard enabling efficient clinical workflows and informed care decisions..

Safety Profiler

Designed with the point of care in mind. An accurate and easy access solution to capture Adverse Events in a clinical trial setting.


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